Research Projects by ILSI Korea:

2018 Survey of food additives and hazardous substances in major exporting countries
In collaboration with School of Economics in Chung Ang University
Study on the introduction and operation of function reporting and labeling system of food
In collaboration with Dept. of Food Science and Technology in Soul University of Science and Technology
Research of the re-evaluation on raw materials of food
In collaboration with Dept. of Nutritional Science & Food Management in Ewha Womans University
On going

ILSI Korea has been working closely and effectively with key stackholder groups in academia, industry, international organizations and governments by maintaining our integrity, independence and transparency.

Guiding Principles for Private Funding of Food Science and Nutrition Research

  1. Conduct or sponsor research that is factual, transparent, and designed objectively, and, according to accepted principles of scientific inquiry, the research design will generate an appropriately phrased hypothesis and the research will answer the appropriate questions, rather than favor a particular outcome;

  2. Require control of both study design and research itself to remain with scientific investigators;

  3. Not offer or accept remuneration geared to the outcome of a research project;

  4. Ensure, before the commencement of studies, that there is a written agreement that the investigative team has the freedom and obligation to attempt to publish the findings within some specified time frame;

  5. Require, in publications and conference presentations, full signed disclosure of all financial interests;

  6. Not participate in undisclosed paid authorship arrangements in industry-sponsored publications or presentations;

  7. Guarantee accessibility to all data and control of statistical analysis by investigators and appropriate auditors/reviewers;

  8. Require that academic researchers, when they work in contract research organizations (CRO) or act as contract researchers, make clear statements of their affiliation; and require that such researchers publish only under the auspices of the Contract Research Organization.




ILSI Korea does not any lobbying activities, or advocate political suggestions.