Welcome to the International Life Science Korea !


The International Life Science Korea (ILSI Korea) has been cooperating with related industries, academia, governments and relevant organizations to contribute to the scientific development and improvement of food safety, food nutrition and related industries.

In the future, ILSI Korea will work with sincerity and enthusiasm to establish a foundation for sustainable development and fulfill its role as a global scientific organization with renewed determination and commitment.
We will conduct research activities and academic programs necessary for accurate and rapid information sharing and establishment of a reasonable global system, as well as cooperation with the ILSI Headquarters and Branches.

I would like you to ask for your continuous support on becoming  ILSI Korea to grow with you.

Thank you.

The Internaitional Life Science Korea President
Oran, Kwan


About ILSI Korea

International Life Sciences Institute Korea (ILSI Korea) was formally established on Sept. 1995 as a branch of the ILSI network.

As part of the ILSI global network, ILSI Korea’s mission is to provide a collaborative tripartite approach to topics such as food safety, nutrition, and sustainability, combining the resources of industry, academia and the public sector to achieve common goals of improving human health and wellness.

ILSI Korea provides scientific platforms to build a customized scientific system that harmonizes with international institutions through assorted symposia, workshops, expert groups, and circulating publications. We also prepare preemptive responses to relevant industry issues through the operation of a scientific advisory council composed of a specialized authorities on food, nutrition and related areas.

ILSI Korea is establishing a shared network based on food-related scientific advice, information exchange and food industry cooperation to promote the domestic food industry and enhance international competitiveness.

The Structure of ILSI Korea