Food Industry in Korea

Korea’s food industry is individually composed of $ 12,9 million products, $ 2.72 million imports, and $ 0.76 million exports, with a total of  $ 14.8 million Korean food markets. (Source from: Statistics of Food in 2016 published by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea)

This suggests that foods domestically produced and distributed are mainly dominated in the Korean food market with the processed foods being the largest part.

Processed food is the biggest food market even in the food imports/exports in Korea. The preference for consumers who are interested in health and well balanced diet, Functional food market is  rapidly growing at an annual average rate of 9.75% over the past 5 years in Korea’s Food Industry.

The overseas crops such as wheat and soybeans are mainly depending on import. The food export market including agricultural products, fishery products, and livestock products is currently increasing with the fast growth rate.


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